Alana is an Irken musician


Alana is very soft spoken, and she's afraid to speak her mind. She has never heard of ex-Invader Zim and has a crush on Dextris.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alana has green skin, magenta eyes, with gold tinted eyelashes, and has music note shaped anntennea. She wears a white scarf that's tied up on her neck, a light pink and blue dress that's parted on the bottom. She wears white boots and gloves and the spots on her PAK are purple.


Alana works as an Irken Musician. She plays for special events, people, ect, but has never had the honor of playing for the Tallest, or for one of their ceremonies. She plays an Irken instrument that's similar to an Earth flute.


The TallestEditEdit

Alana has never met the Tallest in person before, and it is her dream to have the honor to play for them.


When Dextris fallowed Sol to Irk, they meet (in a rather embarressing way), when Dextris runs into Alana, he get's his backpack zipper stuck in her dress. Alana, as she is with most beings, is very shy towards Dextris, and has trouble talking to him.


  • Alana is named after her creator's friend who passed away in Febuary of 2012.