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Name: Aly (Nickname) (Ah-lee) Alyssa (Full name)

Age: 14 (Irken) 140 (Human) [1]Added by ~InvaderXeena~Species: Irken

Siblings: None


Symbol: Cookie

Style: Girly

Rank: Defect

Love interest: Drace, possibly Ecard

Personality: Aly is, and most likely always will be, the sweet girl who loves cookies. She will act cute and cuddley, as long as it ends in her getting something. She loves cookies, and always will. Especially the chocolate chip ones. She's sometimes shy, but she's also very hyper and energetic, sometimes, as well. She also gets what she wants, when she wants.

Abilities: Wings:  Like some Irkens, Aly has wings. She can make them come out of her back at free will.

Eye flutter: She can flutter her eyes, which makes almost any male Irken turn to mush. She can also use it to get them to do what she wants. Kinda like zombie slaves.

Claws: She can make claws come out of her fingers at free will.

Brain control: Like very few Irkens, she can read and/or control someone's brain.

Klutz: Aly tends to say or do stupid things when she wants attention from male irkens.

BIPARSP: Aly can transform into Beautiful Irken Princess Aly Rainbow Sparkle pants, or BIPARSP for short, when in battle.

Hair Flip: Sometimes, if she's desperate for attention, or if she just wants to get her 20th boyfriend, she will put on a wig and flip her hair. Somehow, that always works.

Puppy Eyes: When she wants something, most likely a cookie, she will make puppy eyes.


Drace: When Aly first met Drace, she knew who she wanted for her next boyfriend.

'Mas: 'Aly HATES Mas and always will. It just sends chills down her spine when she thinks about what happend with her and Drace in the past. Aly saw him FIRST, Mas has no right to take him from her!!

Kira: Aly hates Kira so much. She wishes she, with Mas, will one day die.

Vanellope: She thinks she's a retard.

Most likely to say: "I'm a sue! Watch me sparkle!" or "I'm so bea-u-ti-ful!" OR "OMG COOKIE" ORRR "Love me!"

Least likely to say: "I'm so ugly!" or "I was only created for retarded pics and giggles, so just act like I'm not here!"


 Alyis a sue, if you couldn't already guess.

Aly was made  STRICTLY for the laughs and giggles. (And retarded pics and stories.)

Aly was originally supposed to be DRENCHED in rainbow clothing, but then I went this direction.

Her favorite food is a cookie.

Her creator will be making the first Retarded Story of this Suey She-Devil


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