Name: Brayden Tyler

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Race: Human/Irken

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Light Magenta

Parents: Liz and Jon

Siblings: Dominic (†) and Lydia Tyler

Love Intrest: Lauren


Brayden is very calm, mature, and well adjusted to his family. He is very reasonable and realistic, for the most part, and he takes after his dad, minus the pranking. His favorite thing in the world is reading, and he's very intelligent, but, for the most part, doesn't show it alot.



Brayden and Lydia have a typical brother-sister relationship, filled with love and irritation. Brayden will do anything to protect his little sister, but also would auction her off at any chance he would get.


The two have a strange relationship. They first met with Lauren taking Brayden's book, and he chased after her, wanting it back. He claims to be in love with her, but he wouldn't really know, only reading of love in books. It is unknown if the romantic feelings are mutual.


  • Brayden is named after the creator's friend's little brother who died at 6 weeks old.