Name: Carl

HNI 0001

Carl, not colored in.

 Daydream being/vampire

Age: Young

Eye Color: Gray with black stripes

Hair Color: Black

Occupation: Biting things

Love Interest(s): None

Most likely to say: "*chomp*"

Least likely to say: "Hi..."


Carl looks similar to Dib. He wears a red and blue hat with a yellow propeller on top. He has buck teeth (his fangs) and gray eyes with black stripes starting at the top right and ending at the bottom left, the usual daydream being eyes. He wears a black jacket over a blue shirt with a gray face and the word 'Weenie' on it. (I honestly do not know why I chose that word.)


  • He was taught at The Trained Normal's High School for The Undead, aka Paraschool. (I gave that too many names)
  • He feeds off of pain, not blood.
  • He has three types of bites:
    • Safe Bite: Drains pain to heal severe wounds quickly in battle. These wounds come back along with paralyzing the part of the body where the bite was applied if the vampire who did it dies.
    • Weakening Bite: Drains ability to feel pain so that when attacked, the bitten being feels no pain and thinks the blow had no effect when it did.
    • Death Bite: Drains any and all pain from one being, including the pain in memories, emotional pain, and whatever else you can think of, weakening it and severely damaging its nervous system, causing death, and giving all drained pain to the vampire with such force that it also dies. This takes a full minute to perform.
HNI 0002

Carl is now colored in!