Galley is the princess of Dark Serrinia.


Galley is very cruel and cold blooded. She has no like for her home land what-so-ever and helps Invader Nark conquer it.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Galley has poofy dark red and black hair, Serrinian antennea, gray skin, and orange and yellow eyes. She wears a dark pink and teal dress with a black shawl over it with dark magenta leggings.



Galley is best friends with Nark, meeting him when he came to "visit" the King and Queen of Dark Serrinia. At first, Nark just was using Galley to get to the King, but when he found out she hates her realm, he befriended her.

King and Queen of Dark SerriniaEditEdit

Galley hates her parents. They want her to be a well mannered princess, but instead ashames them with her cold heartedness, and rude manners. She refuses to wear her tiara that signifies her as the princess of Dark Serrinia, and will try anything to get her not to rule it someday.