Nark is an Irken Invader.


Nark is very strict and feels hardly any emotion other then pride and dislike. He was sent to invade Dark Serrinia, Serrinia's negetive realm. He meets with Galley, the Dark Serrinian princess, and at first uses her to get to the king, but they become friends once finding out that she too hates Dark Serrinia, and she helps him with his conquest, though before doing so, requested that she would be unharmed in the process.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nark has green skin, turquoise eyes, and the typical magenta Irken uniform. He is a fairly decent height, though isn't anywhere near Zen's height, let alone the Tallest'.


The Tallest EditEdit

Nark doesn't like The Tallest, due to their incompetance, though he plans on conquering Dark Serrinia for them, anyway.


Galley is Nark's best friend, despite that she is a Dark Serrinian. She helps him take over her realm, due to her large dislike of Dark Serrinia.