Saf is Liz and Sol's best Irken friend (Liz's previous best friend). Not much is known about hims so far, but more will
Saf 2

Saf (Irken)

be revieled in the story Invader Saf's Story.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Saf has red Irken eyes, green skin, and a red Irken uniform with black stripes and a black Irken insignia on the front


Liz: Liz was Saf's best friend. It was shown that she had a crush on him, and when she went to Earth, it never died away. When Saf visits Liz at Earth, they catch up and have fun. It is known that their favorite activity to do together is Blaster tag. Eventually, Liz's crush goes away, and Saf and Liz just share a friendly friendship

Sol: Sol has always had a crush on Saf, and she litterally can't live without him. He is the only ray of sunshine in her life, and wouldn't know what to do without him.