Sol is an official invader of Irk and was sent to the planet Serrinia. 
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Sol (Irken)


Sol hates everyone and everything (with the exception of Saf), though she has a special spot of hate for Liz. She's violent and rude, and is a very successful invader. She has a major crush on Saf, her best friend, and litterally couldn't live without him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sol has the regular green Irken skin, yellow eyes, and a yellow and orange Irken suit. Her PAK doesn't have have any spots (Her creator was too lazy to put them on ^.^)

Serrinian Disguise: Sol's Serrinian desguise resembles that of a normal Serrinian. She includes the bushy hair, glasses, blue skin, anteanea, and the correct attire (including the typical backbag that disguises her PAK), but has yellow hair, a color of which no normal Serrinian has, and gold eyes, which she passes off as a "pigmey malfunction".

Human Disguise: Sol's human disguise consists of purple hair with green and brown bangs, a blue T-shirt with a black zip up jacket, dark gray skinny jeans, black steal-toed combat boots, a magenta backpack that disguises her PAK, and purple eyes, lipstick, and heavy black eye liner.


Saf- Saf has been Sol's friend ever since The Adacademy. They help each other out and hang out with each other. It is known that Sol does have a crush on Saf, which the feeling is mutral.

Liz- Even though Sol hates everyone and everything (except for Saf), she has a special spot of hate just for Liz. They are what someone would call 'not very close friendemies'. Liz and Sol don't enjoy the time they spend together (If they do!) and usually it's forced by Saf. It doesn't really help that they both crush on the same Irken, though theytry (I use the word try loosly) to get along.