Sonny was once a reject, but after Liz came into town, she befriended her.


Sonny is very cheerful and optimistic. She never thinks down thoughts or puts a bad side to anything. She was once a reject, but once Liz came into town, she saw an oportunity to make a friend, and took it.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sonny has blonde hair with some brown, with blue eyes and wheres a pink slicker, yellow rubber rain boots, blue and orange leggings, and wears a red berret in her hair.



When Liz came into town, Sonny quickly took the this as an oportunity to make a friend. At first, Liz didn't want her friendship, stating that she didn't need any friends, but she excepted the invitation after a bit, clearly not happy about it. As they spent time with each other at Skool, Sonny began to grow on Liz====Other Rejects==== Before Liz arrived, Sonny would try and make friends with some of the rejects, though they'd be too shy, or too creepy, though she was able to make small talk with Keef.