Tanya is a human charater made by LMX. No editing without permission.

Name: Tanya Laamae

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Hair: Hazelnut Brown Eyes: Greyish-blue

Height: 13

Weight: 103 Lbs

Symbol: Gun

Appearence: Tanya`s skin is a peachy color, and her hair is hazlenut brown. Her hairstyle is like 3 different styles mixed into one, and she wears a short-sleeved black jacket with red and yellow stripes, a jean skirt, black pants, black boots with yellow and red, a black, red, and yellow fingerless glove, black, yellow, and red striped headband, greyish-blue eyes (Described by herself as "The color of the ocean after a storm") red, circular earrings,  and a necklace with the German flaggieeeeeee.

Personality:Tanya is fiesty and sarcastic. She enjoys the pain and suffering of others, and feels that it`s more enjoyable when she does it herself. She is mean (most of the time) but has a soft side. She likes anime, manga, Hetalia, and all that Japanese crap. She was originally from Germany, and German is one of her main languages. She acts childish sometimes, and often makes crazy excuses to get out of things. She likes guns, and violence, and gore, and yeah. She loves the internet, and hates people. DOODLE DOODLE DOODLE. I don`t know. History: Tanya was born and raised in Germany. When their house burned down to unexplainable reasons when she was 4,  (However Tanya knows why, and it`s rather stupid.) she, her parents, and her older sisters Elizabeth and Jessica moved to America. And then Tanya met Kira the Irken and Maple D`harcey and now they`re all friendsssssssssssssssssss. The end.


Kira: Tanya met Kira just after her new look was delivered to her. It got off on a funny start. For some unexplicable reason, Kira was walking in de woods, alone, wiffout a disguise. And so when Tanya saw Kira, she touched her shoulder and Kira wents all crazy scared and threatened to crush herrrrrr. But den Tanya explained and told her she looked cool and Kira told her she looked cool and then friends the end.

Maple: Tanya met Maple just after that weird Thirty-Something (*Shot so ficken hard*) vampire kid thing was at her house. She threw a rock at her window and she was all like "dude wtf" and then Tanya asked her if she wanted to go torture people and she said yes and then they did and then they became beeeeeeeest frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedsssssssssaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! (I know I said "Frieds")


Tanya was inspired by Maple D`harcey, one of Strider`s old OCs that she created when she was still on said account "Invader Moss" (Which I do now believe has been named Invader TK?)

Tanya leeeeeiks gunsssssssssssssssss and stuff yeah idkek

Tuna. She loves it.

  • note: ignore the outfit next to her in the picture*