This 4th book of the Tfp series

Chapter 1Edit

hey Passout,Knockout said. What Passout asked. i want you to get the car mode come on Knockout said. Passout jumped to his feet, ok he yelled. they went by a road pick the same as his father. Aw really cute so Passout Knockout said. many year passout,Passout is 15. Passout chewed his bubble gum listening to his Mp3 player sing tonight tonight and sing i'm just a baby. Passout you need to quit chewing that human bubble gum Knockout said. No it's my apple bubble gum Passout said. It's not an request do it Knockout yelled. No Passout yelled. That's it i never wanted to take you to con high school but i am forced to put my foot down and send you there Knockout yelled. Knockout grabed Passout and threw him in school. The teacher looked at Passout, Hello you must be Passout i'm Mr. Stealfire Stealfire said. What are you the gym teacher Passout joked. Does this look like gym Stealfire said. I dont know check out my guns Passout said. showing his muscles. Stealfire looked at Passout,Your just like your father Stealfire said. What do you mean you know my father Mr. Stealfire Passout said. yep Stealfire said. How Passout asked. Well he is the doctor of Megatron-I know Passout cutted Stealfire off. Megatron knocked on the class room door. Stealfire opened the door. Hello Megatron Stealfire snapped Megatron grabed Stealfire by the neck. Everyone looked at Stealfire,You should snap at Megatron soundblast said. why is your name Soundblast asked Blaze asked. i was named after my grandfather Soundwave Soundblast siad. Aw Soundwave he was a great aply of mine Megatron said. who's your parents blaze asked Soundwave. my father named is Wheatley and my mother name is Twilight Blaze said. What Megatron yelled. Blaze jumped what Megatron said blaze. i'm your grandfather Megatron said. Wha Blaze said. Megatron grabed Stealfire Dont call me Megatron why are you even a science teacher Jetfuel is a commander of the troopers twilight is a mother and a commander of the second troopers. Stealfire snarled at Megatron i can be what i want Dad you can't stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!. your Megatron's son the students said. Yes i didn't what you guys to know my shame Stealfire said. Megatron snarled My shame was of having a pink son that choses knowlenge over War Megatron yelled. May be you should try it somethings Stealfire yelled. you aren't my son Megatron yelled as he left the room. Harsh Passout said. you ok Mr.Stealfire. Ya i learned to deal with it when i was 15 he hates me ever since i was born he hated me he was even more harsh once my mother died when i was 12 he was killed by a autobot named Arcee i tried to kill her but starscream saved her from me Stealfire said.

Chapter 2Edit

School was over,How was school Passout Knockout asked. Passout ya ya whatever Passout yelled. Passout began to sing Another way to die from Disturbed on his Mp3 player. Knockout took Passout's head phones off, what was the for Passout yelled. Knockout looked at Passout and sighed,you can't in the warrior class Knockout said. What why Passout yelled. well your going to be a doctor Knockout said. What no i don't want to i wanna be a Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yelled Passout Your going to be a Doctor when your parents are warriors then your a warrior then your parents are doctor than your a doctor since your mother is dead she was a warrior since i am the only one left i'm a doctor than your a doctor get it Passout Knockout said. what happened to Mom any way Passout asked. I killed her Knockout said. WHat really Passout said. No you killed because you were born Knockout said. WHat passout said. She died died giving birth to you Knockout said. what happened to Mr'stealfire mom asked Passout. Stealfire? Fire! Knockout said. Fire? Passout said. That's what he used to call him Knockout said. Fire why did you call him fire Dad Passout asked. Because he love to run round fire Knockout said. What happend to his mother Passout asked. Oh Airachnid she was killed by Arcee and she was pregant with Megatron fourth child Knockout said. Megatron blamed everything on Stealfire Airachnid's death everything he wanted to kill Stealfire but he could find it in spark to kill him Stealfire wanted to go autobot but his father treatned to kill him if he did Knockout said.

Chapter 3Edit

A young con came into the class room. Hi the newby said. Hi you must me new con Stealfire said. Your name Stealfire added. Starscreech Starscreech said Starscreech sit right next to Passout and Smash Stealfire said. Who's your parents Soundblast asked. My dad is Megatron's second command his name is Starscream Starscreech said. Who's your mom Passout asked. Arcee Starscreech said. A autobot Stealfire yelled Megatron's going to get mad. weakling your part autobot Smash yelled. Soundblast steped back, Autobot he yelled. I'm decepticon Starscreech yelled. Passout steped next to Starscreech. I'm with him. Blaze got into the middle of the four. Stop Blaze said. Why should we listen to you Blaze Soundblast yelled. Because i'm the grandson of Lord Megatron Blaze yelled. Soundblast and Smashed jumped onto Passout and Starscreech. Began to fight. Blaze watched. Stealfire called the principal. The prinipal draged them to her office. Starscreech you got in a fight on the first day Prinpal said. They were calling me Autobot Starscreech said.

Chapter 4Edit

A female decepticon walked in to the Class room. Passout's eye's widen,Wow Passout said. My sister's coming names Blueflare Blueflare said. A black decepticon with Pruple flames on the side walked in. My name is Darkthorn. Starscreech's eye's widen. Hey Starscreech said. What is it-all of the sudden Darkthorn stoped. Darkthorn stared into Starscreech's pruple eyes. Wow all decepticon's have red eyes and all autobot have blue eyes,But yours are pruple Darkthorn said. Starscreech's spark sank. I hope she doesn't think bad of me, Should i tell her i'm part autobot, No she will think bad of me Starscreech thought to himself. Wow that's amazing i love pruple Darkthorn said. Well wanna go to victoria falls in Africa Starscreech said. Sure Darkthorn said. Let's go at 7 to night Darkthorn said. Passout looked at Blueflare,Hey Passout said. Blueflare smiled, wanna go to a Passout said, No blueflare cutted Passout off. You wanna go Drag racing she said, Sure Passout said. Get to Lab Stealfire said. You wanna be partners Passout asked Blueflare. Blueflare smiled, Sure Passout Blueflare said. You wanna be partners Darkthorn asked Starscreech. Sure i would love to Starscreech said. Soundblast and Smash were talking. Soundblast grabed Starscreech's hands and smashed his head again the table Ow Starscreech yelled. Stop that Soundblast Stealfire yelled. You ok Starscreeh Stealfire asked. Stealfire checked Starscreech's eyes in case of a head injury. Who's your father i will tell him what happened Stealfire asked. It's Star-starscream Starscreech said. You mother in case your father's not around Stealfire said. Ar-Ar starscreech shutterned. Spit it out Ar what Stealfire said. I dont have all day he add. Arcee Starscreech said. Stealfire's eyes shrunked,Arcee he said. Mr Stealfire you ok Starscreech. Arcee she killed my Mother Even though My mom is back to life my father tried to kill me for that, It was still death Stealfire said. I-I-i'm sorry for that what my mother did to your mom Starscreech said in fear. Your father rejoined the decepticon and he still protected her, Your lucky your father protected Arcee you wouldn't off been alive today Stealfire growled. Starscreech eye's widen,What are you grabing for Starscreech said. Stealfire grabed a cup corrosive substance. I will pour this on your spark it will eat away a your spark Stealfire said. Starscreech eye's widen,Starscreech kicked the cup. The cup splashed into Stealfire's left eye. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY EYE Stealfire yelled. Starscreech transformed into a yamaha YZF R1 moterclyce and raced out the room. Come on Passout yelled. Passout transformed into car mode and followed Starscreech. later in the night. Starscreech and Darkthorn was at victoria falls. Darkthorn kissed Starscreech. A human saw Starscreech and darkthorn. Ahhhhhhh monster the human yelled. Starscreech smiled darkthorn, Starscreech blasted the human. There Starscreech said. Nice shooting Darkthorn said. Passout and Blueflare transformed into car mode. Blueflare was a Honda CBR1100XX blackbird, But a blue verison. They drove up to the other drag racing races. fulled with humans Passout said. A window rolled down. A female human looked at Passout. Passout made a human holgram along with Blueflare. Nice car Can it go fast The human said. Passout kept quiet. Hey are you listening to me no one ingnores Caroline McGria the Chamipen of Drag racing Caroline yelled. The lights went on to start to race. Passout blasted off with speeds fast that only Caroline could ever dream of. Knockout came from the space bridge. Passout he yelled. As he drove on to the track. Blueflare smashed into Passout. Knockout took Passout and Blueflare to the Warship. What's wrong Starscream Knockout asked. Starscreech he's missing Starscream said. Knockout looked at Passout. Do you know anything Knockout asked. He with Darkthorn in Victoria falls it's in africa Passout said. Starscream got Starscreech. Don't ever do that again Starscream yelled.

Chapter 5Edit

The next day. School started Starscreech and Passout walked into the Class room. Hope Mr. Stealfire doesn't try to kill me again Starscreech said. they saw a new teacher. Are you the sub Passout asked. The teacher blinked,No i am the new Teacher,Mr.Stealfire went rodge The Teacher said. I'm Miss Rose Miss Rose said. Starscreech sat in his seat next to Darkthorn. Darkthorn smiled and waved. Class Open books to Page 155 Miss Rose said. They sounds of Page's turned. Then a sound came out of no where,The song of Digimon theme. Sorry that's my Phone Soundblast said. Well turn it off Miss rose said. Sorry can i take this Soundblast asked. Sure make it quick Miss rose said. Soundblast turned the phone. Hello Soundblast asked. Hello Soundblast, a vioce came in the phone. ok Who is this Soundblast said. I'm Technar Technar said. So what do you want Soundblast said. Technar Bring come to Austin Texas 20 miles north i will play high pitch sound so you can hear it Technar said. Bring Smash too Technar added as the call ended. Soundblast came back into the class room and sat down. Thanks for leting me Take this Soundblast said. So Class this is are spark,It's what humans call a heart Miss Rose said. later in the day
Soundblast and Smash went to Austin Texas. He just told you to go here Smash said. Yep Soundblast said. I don't like this Smash said. They reached a cave. Soundblast and Smash went deeper. Technar was in the Shadows. Soundblast Smash your here Technar said. Technar's face came out of the Shadows.Mr-Mr Stealfire is that you Soundblast said. Yes my corrioded Eye must of came it away Technar said. Mr. Stealfire what happened Smash said. IT'S TECHNAR Techar yelled. Technar hand transformed into a blow torch. What i mean't for this to be a gun Technar said. What did you call us for and what happened to you Soundblast siad. I went rodge because Megatron grew angry at me for trying to kill his second commands kid and geting defected by the Young 16 year old Technar said. Oh Soundblast said. I want you guys to be on my sercert team not tell the cons I want to get my revenge on Starscreech and kill him and i want to become leader of the cons Technar siad. I will do it Soundblast said. Smash noded,Me too Smash said. They left the cave and went home. Starscreech and Passout were hanging out in Starscream and Starscreech's dorm,Along with Blueflare and Darkthorn. Starscreech and Passout were playing Football. Darkthorn laughed,Go Star she yelled. Blueflare smirked, you guys want to go to Con party tonight Blueflare asked. But that's for adults Starscreech and Passout said. Please Dont be boring Blueflare said. I'm not boring lets go Passout yelled. Starscreech smiled you going Darkthorn Starscreech said. Yes Darkthorn said, Then yes Starscreech said
Later in the night at 10 the party started. Darkthorn, Starscreech,Passout,and Blueflare wer Sneaking into the party. The Music is awsome. Guys Passout said, What Darkthorn said, dancing too I'm just a baby by davedays. We should change the Music Passout said. Sure Blueflare said, Passout changed the Music too You spin me around like a record. Starscreech's eyes widen and he ran to Passout. Uh Passout Look Starscreech said,as he pointed. Passout IT'S Megan Passout said. No it's Megatron and Knockout said. Mockout Passout said. I will greet them Passout added. hey Mockout and Megan he said,as he was trying to keep his balance. IT'S KNOCKOUT Knockout yelled as he turned. Knockout stoped and his eyes widen. Passout what are you doing here Knockout yelled. Did you drink Knockout said, I had some of the yellow stuff Passout said. That was engeragon Beer Knockout yelled. Starscreech what are you doing here Too Knockout added. Sorry Megatron I can't stay longer I have to take Knockout home and give Starscreech too Starscream Knockout said. Starscream was doing disco on the dance floor with Sasha. GO starscream the crowad Chanted. Starscream Knockout said. Starscream stoped can't you see I'm dancing with Sasha Starscream said. Ya guess what i found in the party Knockout said. What Starscream said. Starscreech Knockout said. What Starscream said. Starscream looked around Knockout. where is he Starscearm asked. he was over here Knockout said, Knockout and Starscream turned to see Darkthorn and Starscreech singing You spin my head right around and dancing too it. The Troopers watch in shock and Amusment. Why is there a 16 teen old in a adult party the trooper said to another. Starscream jumped on the Dance stairs. What are you doing here Starscream said. What are these your kids a trooper yelled. Starscream guplted yes. Keep that thing on a leash or get it a baby siting you need to take better care of your children The trooper yelled. Starscream took Starscreech home and took Blueflare and Darkthorn too there partners. Knockout took Passout home

Chapter 6Edit

Guess what Darkthorn yelled. What Starscreech,Blueflare,and Passout asked. Theres a dance off tomarrow night Darkthorn said. We should all go Starscreech said. No your not Starscream said. What why Starscreech asked. your still in Trouble for the other night Starscream said. Please Please Starscreech said. No Starscream said as he left to go help Megatron. We should totally go Blueflare said. Who cares what Adults say Blueflare added. Passout smiled, sure Passout said. Blaze Passout said. Blaze looked at Passout,What is it Passout said. I need a favor Passout said. What is it Blaze said. I need you to keep Megatron,Starscream,and Knockout Busy for tonight Were going to a dance off we were grounded from it we really what to go Passout said. Sure But you owe my Blaze said. Ok passout said.

The dance was on. Welcome to the first dance Soundwave said. I'm your host Soundwave added. Ya are first dancer is Passout Breakdown said. Passout got on to the stage. Hey Hey Passout said. LIKE MY PAINT JOB passout added. What will the Song be Soundwave asked. Beat it by Micheal Jackson Passout yelled. Passout started to dance like Micheal Jackson."Later in wher Knockout starscream,and Megatron" I'm going to check What the dance on the tv Knockout said. No-no-no wait Look what i can do Blaze yelled. Blaze started to do Disco. Starscream ran besides Blaze and Discoed with him. Megatron turned his head to see Blaze and Starscream discoing. What are you doing to my Grandson your making him into a 80s freak Megatron yelled. "Back at the dance" Darkthorn danced to I whip my hair around and Blueflare danced to We will rock you. Starscreech was up next. Starscreech got on the dance floor. Hey What's up He yelled. Starscreech dance to You can't touch still. That was the Last dancer the winner is Starscreech Soundwave yelled. Starscreech luaghed as he ran on the dance floor. Who wants one more dance Starscreech said. The croard yelled yay. Starscream started to dance to You spin my head around. "Later in Megatron's dorm" Starscream turned on the tv to the dance off. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Blaze yelled. Starscream turned his head to Blaze. What is it Starscream said. Starscream turn his head to the tv. Starscream eye's widen. What Starscream yelled. Knockout jumped up,His eyes widen as Passout slow dancing with Blueflare,and Starscreech Slow dancing with Darkthorn to Love story. Starscreech kissed Darkthorn. Starscream's eyes widen. Passout kissed Blueflare. Knockout's eyes widen. Be right back Starscream and Knockout yelled. Megatron looked at them, Ok then Megatron yelled. Starscream went behind Starscreech and taped on his shoulder. Starscreech stoped dancing and looked behind. Ummmm Starscreech said. I told you no dancing in the dance off AND DID YOU LISTEN NO Starscream yelled. Knockout grab Passout's sholder. Passout Knockout yelled. Passout's gluped. This isn't like you Knockout yelled. But Blueflare wanted me to and you taught me all i know about women alway try to make them happy Passout said. Ya but i dont want to see you guys near each other you can't love each other Knockout said. What you can't do that Passout yelled. Ya i can Knockout yelled Knockout took Passout home. Starscream Grabed Starscreech. you can't date her nor go near her Starscream yelled. No Starscream Starscreech yelled. Starscream let go off Starscreech. Did you just call me Starscream you call me Dad Starscream yelled. Starscreech ran to Darkthorn and grabed her and held her as he spung around with her. Starscreech slowly kissed Darkthorn. Let run away together with Passout and Blueflare Starscreech said in Darkthorn's ear. Yes Darkthorn said. They transformed in their car mode and drove off. Blueflare was crying on the floor. Come on lets save Passout Starscreech yelled. Blueflare smash in Knockout. Knocking Knockout down. Come Starscreech yelled. Passout drove off to the space bridge. They left the Warship to another place. Starscream punched the wal; and made a dent in it. Knockout cried. Their gone forever Knockout cried.

Chapter 7Edit

Darkthorn smiled at Starscreech. Starscreech kissed Darkthorn. Starscreech I have to tell you something Darkthorn said. What is it Starscreech said. My real name isn't Darkthorn it's actually Alexis Darkthorn said. Why did you change your name to Darkthorn Starscreech asked. I didn't like my name Starscreech said. What i love your real name Starscreech said. as he kissed her. You do? Darkthorn said. THEN I WILL CHANGE MY NAME TO ALEXIS Darkthorn. Alexis smiled, Thank you Alexis said. Why haven't i mean't your parents Starscreech said. Ya Passout said. You wouldn't understand Starscreech Alexis said. tell me Starscreech said. Ok me and Blueflare dad is Rachet hes a bot and my mom is Bladewing he is a con you wouldn't understand Starscreech Alexis said. I do understand you Starscreech said. What do you mean Alexis said. My mom is Arcee a bot and dad is Starscream a con Starscreech said. What we were made for each other Alexis said.

"Back at the warship Starscream called Arcee to meet him at Rome. What is it Starscream Arcee said. Starscream kissed Arcee. Rachet came along. Arcee pushed Starscream. I got a new boyfriend Arcee said. Rachet Punched Starscream in the face,back off my women Rachet yelled.Starscream steped back,No he said. What did you want to speak to me about Arcee said. Starscreech went missing Starscream said. Arcee eyes widen. Rachet kissed Arcee. Arcee pushed Rachet. What happened Arcee said. Who's Starscreech Rachet asked. Me and Starscream's child Arcee said. Rachet eye's widen,What in the all Spark are you cheating on me Rachet said. No Arcee said.

Chapter 8Edit

Alexis watched the wind blow through the Trees. Starsreech kissed Alexis. How you doing Alexis Starscreech asked. Blueflare slow danced with Passout. A jet was flying in the sky. It passed them The jet turned around and circled them. The jet landed. It transformed in Starscream. There you guys are Starscream yelled. Alexis transformed in a motclyce and jumped off a waterfall. Starscreech jumped and landed into the water. Blueflare steped back. Sasha was hanging on Starscream's back. Sasha Shaking from fear. Starscream grabed Blueflare's hand and Sasha grabed Passout's hand. Sasha took Blueflare and Passout. I got them you go get Starscreech Sasha said. Starscream looked over the waterfall. His eyes widen Starscream found. Starscreech lying Lifeness at the edge of the shore with Alexis crying over his body. Starscream climbed down the Waterfall and Pushed Alexis aside. Star-Starscreech Starscream said. Sasha looked over the edge along with Blueflare and Passout. Starscream called Knockout. Starscream took Starscreech to Knockout. In the warship. Alexis looked at Starscreech as Knockout tried to heal him. Knockout put his hand on his head. I can't Hes dead Knockout said. Do SOMETHING Alexis said. I DID DON'T YELL ME Knockout yelled. This is all your fault Passout Alexis yelled. Passout showed his teeth, No it's not Passout yelled. Dont yell at my sister Blueflare yelled. Keep out of his Passout yelled. Starscream cried. Sasha hugged Starscream. I love you Sasha said. Starscream kissed Sasha. Starscreech's eyes opened. Eww Starscreech said to Starscream kissing Sasha. Starscreech Starscream yelled. Sasha smiled at Starscreech and huged Starscream. Knockout growled at Passout.What Passout said. You ran off Knockout said. 

Chapter 9Edit

A year later Starscream was holding a young baby in his hand. Sasha i have to go somewhere with Starscreech watch Razorwing for me Starscream said. No that baby name is Emo Sasha said. Emo giggle Starscream smiled,As you wish Starscream said. She has your eyes Starscream added. well she has your wings Sasha said. Starscream left and went back to rome. Arcee Starscream said. Arcee walked Next to Starscream. Hey Starscream Arcee snaped. Hey Honey Arcee kissed Starscreech's forehead. Arcee was holding a baby Who's that Starscream asked. That's Starscreech's Half brother Ratch Arcee said. Well Starscreech and Ratch both have a Half sister Emo Starscream said. You found a women that doesn't think your stupid Arcee said. Well you found a man doesn't mind when you spit in there mouth when you kiss them Starscream said. You know do that once in a while Arcee said. You drool in my mouth all the time it's a ocean Starscream said. Shut up Arcee yelled Starscream waved to Arcee have to go Starscream said. But first Starsceram you remind me of Justin beiber Arcee said. I do not Starscream yelled. Starscream took Starscreech to the warship. Megatron rushed by Starscream. What's wrong Starscream asked. We are under attack Megatron said. Technar Blust throught the Warship. Soundblast and Smash was next to Techar. All HAIL TECHNAR Soundblast yelled. Soundwave looked at Soundblast. My own Grandson a Tradior Soundwave said to himself. Dont do this Shockwave yelled. Soundblast aimed his gun at Shockwave. Soundwave smashed into Shockwave. The Blast flew at Soundwave. Soundwave deflect the Blast. Smash grabed Starscreech. Smash no Technar said. Hes mine Technar said. Megatron grabed Technar and smashed him into the wall. Technar kicked Megatron in the face. Soundblast grabed Megatron's hand and poured Corrosive substance on his hand. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH megatron yelled. My hand is burning a hole in it Megatron yelled. Soundwave grabed Soundblast and riped out his Spark. Soundwave looked at Shockwave. I'm sorry Soundwave said. Shockwave's eyes widen Tears rolled down his eyes. How could you Shockwave yelled. Soundwave turned away you dont understand Soundwave said. As Soundwave released Soundblast's spark,and sent Laserbeak out of his chest to Attack Smash. Megatron punched Technar in his face. Stealfire you always tried to be tough but your in a deadly world that you dont understand Megatron said. It's Technar And know The World Technar said. Starscreech riped the corrosive substance from Technar's hand and poured Technar's hand. Technar screamed. HAHAHAHHAHA Technar The Corroisve Substance do nothing to me Technar said. Well your not strong enough against me Megatron said. As he ripped Out Technar's Spark. I should of killed you when I had the change Megatron said. Megatron looked down. Oh Megatron said. The corrosive stuff was burning to his Spark. Knockout took Megatron To his dorm. To Heal him. Airachnid,Takedown and Breakdown were walking down the hall. Their eye's widen. Smash Takedown yelled. Smash's lifeness body was on the ground. Airachnid Cried Stealfire. Airachnid saw a blade mark on his chest. Megatron she said to herself. Breakdown,takedown and Airachnid went Knockout's room. Passout smiled at Airachnid,Nice to meet you Passout said. Megatron your in here Airachnid said. I came to see Knockout to see him He could heal Stealfire Airachnid said. Why Megatron Airachnid added. He tried to kill me Megatron said. Airachnid looked Megatron's chest and saw Megatron Spark. Knockout fixed Megatron's chest,There all better Knockout said. Megatron got up and kissed Airachnid. Who killed Smash Takedown yelled. Soundwave did Megatron said. Soundwave was srabbling to get up. Takedown hand transformed into a hammber. Time to Die Takedown said. Breakdown ran and grabed Takedown's hand . No Breakdown yelled. Soundwave I had to they were Tradiors i had to kill my own Grandson Soundwave said.