This a transformers prime story, part 2 of the twilight and the vehicon

Chapter 1Edit

Jetfuel watched Movie with Takdown and Shockwave. Megatron walked in,What Jetfuel I thought i told you to train if your going to ever become leader your going to have to be strong Megatron snapped. But i dont want to be leader Jetfuel said. You dont have a choice Megatron yelled. Megatron walked out the room Megatron sighed when will he ever learn. Jetfuel sighed when will he ever get it that i dont wanna be leader he ruins by life Jetfuel sighed. Twilight walked by Megatron,Hey dad Twilight said. Megatron picked up Twilight,Hey Twilight how you doing Megatron asked. Fine Twilight said Twilight walked next to Wheatley,Hey you remeber you have a dinner with my parents Twilight said. I know I know what time is going to be Wheatley asked. Twilight looked at Wheatley, Five "o" clock in 2 hours you better get ready now Twilight said. Ok ok you know it's not a big deal Wheatley said. It is if my dad doesn't like the way you act if you groof off hes going to not let us get married Twilight said. What Wheatley said. I will get ready soon Twilgiht Wheatley said. 2 hours later. Wheatley came to Twilight. Ready Wheatley Twilight said. Yep Wheatley said. Megatron looked at Wheatley,Wheatley feeling uncormable,Wheatley gluped. Megatron you look nice today Wheatley said. Do the kiss uping Later Weakling Megatron yelled. Dad!!!!!!!! Twilight yelled. What I call it as I see it Megatron said. Airachnid looked at Megatron,Megatron come on settle down Airachnid said. Wheatley sat next to Twilight. Megatron stared at Wheatley at his every move. May i have the salt Wheatley asked. NO Megatron Snaped. Airachnid sighed,sure you may Wheatley Airachnid said. Thank you Wheatley said. So what movies do you watch with Twilight Megatron asked. Well we Watch Titantic Scary movies i dont know the name of Wheatley said. Megatron growled. Wheatley gluped. you really like Twlight would you rip out your own spark for her Megatron asked. Wheatley looked at Megatron,Yes i would Wheatley said. Jetfuel came in. Heading out Jetfuel said. No your not you got to train when your going to be in a battle against the ranks Megatron said. I problably going to be battleing a stupid Trooper Jetfuel said. Wheatley coughed. Oh sorry Wheatley Jetfuel said. You dont know you may be battling your own friends you could be battling your sister you could be battling Breakdown soundwave Knockout Megatron said. Ok i will train Dad Jetfuel said. Jetfuel went training with Takedown in video games. Airachnid smiled at Wheatley, So Wheatley when are you guys geting Married Airachnid asked. I dont know Wheatley said. The dinner was over, Bye Wheatley Twilight said. Wheatley went to the minor Trooper's dorm "It's 12 rooms down from Megatron's and Airachnid's room along with Jetfuel Twilight and Stealfire' room". Megatron sighed,I dont like him Megatron said. What Twilight said. Airachnid looked at Megatron,Hes nice Airachnid. Hes too much of a kiss up Megatron said. Airachnid kissed Megatron,your just twitchy Airachnid said. I'm not Megatron yelled. The Battle is tomarrow can be and Wheatley go see it Twilight asked. Yes your goes were going to go any ways Megatron said.

Chapter 2Edit

The night passed the fight was beging. Jetfuel walked in the battlefield,feeling scard with everybody watching him. Jetfuel your Oppedent is strong handsome too Knockout said. Bet hes weak Jetfuel said. Your Oppendent is none other than Megatron himself Knockout yelled. Jetfuel's eyes widen. Your right about the strong and handsome part Knockout Megatron yelled. why is Megatron battling his own son Wheatley said. Megatron grabed Jetfuel and threw him in the ground. Jetfuel tried to shot Megatron but his arm was stiff with fear. Megatron picked Jetfuel up and punch him into the wall. Megatron made a fist,That's it i can't have a weak son you mocks the power the cons Megatron yelled. Megatron pined Jetfuel into the ground with his feet, ready to die Jetfuel Megatron yelled. Airachnid eye's widen as she ran into the battlefleld to grab Megatron's hand. Megatron that's enough Airachnid yelled. Airachnid stay out of this this is none of your consern Megatron yelled. Yes it is Megatron hes my son too Airachnid yelled. Your not the man i married Airachnid said. Megatron looked at Airachnid,what do you mean Airachnid Megatron said. I just can't do it I can't be with something that would kill there own children because there weak Airachnid said. Megatron kissed Airachnid,You don't know what your saying honey your going crazy Megatron said. Megatron kissed Airachnid again,but Airachnid blocked the kiss,No i'm not crazy your the Crazy one I may be evil but your just too Evil for me i sorry we are over i want a devoise Airachnid said. Megatron's eyes widen,No No Airachnid your making a big misktake Megatron said. No the big mistake was having kids with you Airachnid said. Megatron grab Airachnid's hands, no no no Airachnid dont leave me Airachnid your the only love i had in my life Megatron said. I'm sorry but i'm out of here i quiting the cons too Airachnid said. Airachnid left the cons. Megatron grew angry at Jetfuel,This is all your fault Megatron yelled. Jetfuel blasted Megatron. No it's your own Fault dad you alway want to kill weak even from your metal and energon Jetfuel yelled. Back off I just got my SPARK RIPPED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Megatron yelled loudly.

Chapter 3Edit

A week later,Megatron looked at Twilight,Hey honey i'm going on a blind date i want you to watch Stealfire for me Megatron said. What but be and Wheatley were going to go watch human outside a theather Twilight said. But Stealfire needs to be babysat Megatron said. Get Jetfuel to do it, Hes does nothing all day,expect play video games with Takedown and Shockwave Twilight said. Well that's something get Wheatley help besides I was going to ask Knockout but he had to go somewhere Megatron said. Fine Twilight said. Megatron went to the blind date, Hey so your my blind date,Wha-what Airachnid your my blind date Megatron said. Guess so Airachnid snaped. Megatron looked at Airachnid, Maybe it's a sigh that we belong to together Megatron said. Ya it's a sigh alright that I need to stop puting Evil on profile Airachnid said. Megatron stared into Airachnid's eyes. Airachnid sighed I can't stop falling in love you everytime i look into your eyes Airachnid. Megatron grabed Airachnid's hand we haven't had the divore yet or said it to anyone we still go back togehter Megatron said. I do miss you but you still tried to kill your own son Airachnid said. I-I-I promise i won't try to kill them please come back Airachnid Megatron said. Airachnid gluped, Sure i will Airachnid said. Megatron smiled and huged her and then kissed her. They came home. What? Megatron!!!!! Airachnid yelled. What Megatron asked. You let Stealfire watch scary movies with Wheatley and Twilight Airachnid yelled. No i didn't even know about this Megatron said. Hey mom Twilight said. Your grounded Twilight for leting Stealfire watch this I may hate humans but Stealfire watching humans get riped apart by these Furry monsters Airachnid yelled. Their called Werewolfs,and Jetfuel turned it on hes over there Twilight said. Jetfuel was in the under a blanket,Is the scary part over Jetfuel said. Yep Twilight said. Jetfuel poped this head over the blanket. two humans were watching down stairs in the movie a werewolf smashed it's hand from a door riping the humans hands off. AHHHHHHHHH you told be the scary part was over Jetfuel said. I lied Twilight said. You both are grounded than And for you Wheatley your parents would be upset about your actions Airachnid said. My parents died 17 years ago Wheatley said. Oh ya gwen and leon Megatron said. That was my parents name Wheatley said. Yes they were a tag combo they fought together,you did have a twin sibblings Megatron said. What who are they Wheatley said. It was Florrona and Leona Megatron said. Are they alive Wheatley asked. They went rouge Megatron said. OH Wheatley said.

Chapter 4Edit

The week was over, and Jetfuel and Twilight weren't grounded no more. Wheatley walked by the elite Troopers dorm, A large bulky Trooper pushed him, a 3 rank miner trying to go in the elite Trooper dorm the Trooper said. I came to see Jackie Wheatley said. Jack-Jack-Jackie you know him hes the tougher elite Trooper The trooper said. Can you take me to see him Wheatley asked. Sure but the last Miner Troopers that came to see him they were wounded pretty badly by the way i'm Slice Slice said. Who were the Troopers Wheatley asked. It was two young females named Jasper and Casey Slice said. I know why he hates them come on let me see Jackie Wheatley said. Ok it's your death Slice said. Slice took him to Jackie. Jackie was in the far room of the dorm. J-J-J-J JACKIE this miner has came to see you Slice said. Another Jackie said. Wheatley walked in front of Slice, Hey Jackie Wheatley. Wheatley nice to meet you long time to no see Jackie said. Cut the engergon!!!!!!!! Wheatley said. What why Jackie said. Still own me for almost killing me Wheatley siad. What are you talking about Jackie said. Three years ago you snitched and told Megatron that i was dating Twilight Wheatley said. It been Three years get a new girlfriend Jackie said. Ya well Megatron wasn't going to punish me like he always normally did,he was going punish me by killing me Wheatley siad.What i'm sorry i didn't know he was going to Punish you that way if i knew that i would of not of told,Wait how are you this alive Jackie said. Twilight woke up from Statis tried to get Megatron to stop so then Airachnid talked Megatron into Leting me and Twilight Be together and now we are geting Married you can come Wheatley siad. Well all well ends well Jackie said. Ya but what happened if Twilight was dead you still own me Wheatley yelled. Dont Yell at me you Weakling Jackie yelled. Wheatley jumped on Jackie,Shut it you idoit Wheatley yelled. Jackie thrw Wheatley out the door and then body slamed him. Megatron walked finding him self in a Elite trooper to Miner Trooper battle. Stop fighting Megatron yelled. Wheatley put Jackie in a headlock,Wheatley started to think if i say something like dont ever call Twilight that again Megatron would get involved with it besides it right in front of me. Jackie shook around,Ahhh let me go Jackie yelled. All the Elite Troopers watched as Wheatley smashed Jackie's head against the ground. Jackie threw Wheatley up,and Body slamed. Wheatley jumped up and grabed jackie and head locked him again,Dont you Ever call Twilight that Again Wheatley accdently yelled. Megatron eyes widen,What did you call my daughter Megatron yelled, As he threw him against the wall and pined him with his hands. I didn't say any Jackie yelled. Wheatley limped to Megatron's dorm. Twilight was watching tv. Hey Twi-Twi Twilight Wheatley ssaid. Wheatley what happened Twilight said. Just got in a fight with a Elite Trooper Wheatley said. Twilight kissed Wheatley's cheek,Man you best be the World's powerfulest Miner Twilight said. Wheatley smiled,Ya-ahh Wheatley grunted,Griping his side. Your leaking Engergon Twilight said. We got to get you to Knockout Twilight said. Twilight took Wheatley to se Knockout. Knockout wasn't there. Twilight called Knockout. Knockout's phone ringed. hello Knockout said quietly. Knockout Wheatley need Medical help now Twilight called. I cant i'm watching Titantic with Moonlight Knockout said. All sudden Moonlight starts to cry it's sad Moonlight cried. uh-uh- i will be there this movie is lame Knockout said. Moonlight i have to help Wheatley i will be right back Knockout said. Ok Moonlight cried. Knockout ran to Wheatley. Oh how did you get this Knockout asked. I was in a huge fight with a Elite Trooper Wheatley said. Knockout healed Wheatley, Ok i want you to rest over night Knockout said. Megatron came in Hey Wheatley,WHEATLEY what are doing in here Megatron said. Hes hurt from the fight with the Elite trooper Twilight said. It was Jackie Wheatley said. The night came. Wheatley started to Dream, Wheatley smiled Twilight and Wheatley were About to Get Married,all of A sudden Jackie brust in and attaks Wheatley and kills Wheatley,Twilight started to cry Wheatley she cried. Jackie kissed Twilight's lips I will Marry you Jackie said to Twilight. Twilight argeed to Marry Jackie, NO-NO-NO-NO Twilight listen to be Twlight Listen to be why can't you hear me TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! Wheatley yelled. Wheatley got up and walked to Twilight and put his hand on her shoulder it went right though her,What!? i'm a ghost he said, It can't be It just can't be a he said to himself . Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he scearmed. Hey Hey Hey HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knockout scearmed. Wheatley woke up and swong his head up,Wheatley's head smashed into Knockout's head, Knockout put his hand on his head dude that hurt. Wheatley put his hand on his head,Ow wait i was a dream hahaha it was a dream thank the all spark he yelled. You were having a Nightmare Knockout said

Chapter 5Edit

Wheatley left Knockout's dorm and went to Twilight. Hey Twilight Wheatley said. Twilight smiled Wheatley your ok Twilight said, hugging him. Jetfuel came in, Hey Twilight and wheatley you want to go attack old run down bulding in abanded towns Jetfuel asked. Sure Jetfuel Wheatley and Twilight said. They got on the space bridge and went to a old abanded town far from any humans. Wow this is a run down place Jetfuel said. A hellicopter hovered over them and shot them with electric devices knocking him off. Twilight woke up,Where are we Wheatley? Jetfuel? Twilight said. why can't i get up Wheatley said. A human came by,Wow Three trophies and we didn't even have to try The human said. Who are you Twilight yelled. I'm silas the leader of M.E.C.H. Silas said. Let me go Jetfuel yelled. I can't do that Silas said. Why are we here Wheatley yelled. I'm going to see how you goes work Silas said. How Wheatley said. Cut you open and see what makes you guys tick Silas said. What! Wheatley yelled. Twilight began to cry. I dont wanna die Twilight cried. Ladies go first Jetfuel said. Oh Shut up Wheatley said. He is right Silas said. Twilight's eyes widen please dont she scearmed. "Back at the Warship" Megatron walked around the ship where is she wheres Twilight Megatron said to himself,looking around the warship. Airachnid ran to Megatron, i can't find him either and Wheatley is missing too Airachnid yelled. What they probably ran away together Megatron yelled. Wait Megatron Jetfuel is missing too and even Stealfire Airachnid said. they must of kidnapped Megatron said. No are children are missing now Kidnapped Airachnid yelled. Megatron grabed Airachnid's hand, It's ok honey they will return back home Megatron said. Send a patrol Airachnid cried. Megatron sighed ,ok honey Soundwave, Breakdown, Takedown, Shockwave,and Knockout go on a Search Patrol for Wheatley, Twilight, Jetfuel, and Stealfire hey gone missing Megatron said. Back at M.E.C.H. Twilight beged for her life. please dont please please dont she cried. Where is this place anyway Jetfuel asked. It's in a secret base in montana Silas said. Why would you tell him that Wheatley asked. you guys are going to die alway. "back at the Search Patrol". A predator drone flew low close to a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Shockwave started to pick up Jetfuel scearming. Hey like my predator drone Shockwave asked. Takedown laughed,Sure so you get anything yet Takedown asked. I think so I think i can pick Soundwaves from Jetfuel i can't tell it's staticy Shockwave said. Go tell them Takedown said. Shockwave flew next to breakdown, Soundwave and Knockout. Hey i think i picking up Jetfuel Shockwave said. This isn't a Joke Soundwave said. Wow Soundwave you actually talked Knockout joked. Breakdown laughed,I haven't heard you talk in along time Breakdown said. Shockwave dont joke around back this we need to find them Soundwave said. Shockwave sighed and flew next to Takedown. Takedown Jetfuel's soundwaves are geting fadier Shockwave said. We got to follow the Soundwaves. Ya but how i can't only one can is you and Soundwave but Soundwave doesn't know Jetfuel's Vioce better than us Takedown said. Let's go just follow me Shockwave yelled. Takedown and Shockwave went motana. I can hear the Soundwaves clearier little static but i can hear it's louder Shockwave said. Can we Take a break i'm tried Takedown said. No we can't shockwave said. Shockwave and takedown went to a metal entrances. The Soundwaves are aloud louder in here Lets go in Shockwave said. We dont know what's in there Takedown said. Come on Shockwave said. Shockwave and Takedown went into the entrances. Shockwave began to cover the top him if send the Soundwaves are everywhere They bounching off the walls Shockwaves. Takedown trying to locate him we found where he might me Takedown said. I'm geting a head ache Shockwave said. Shockwave stop locating Jetfuel. Much better Shockwave said. They got to deeper and deeper into the Base. Where Shockwave finds Silas geting ready to cut them. Takedown and Shockwave riped off the cuffs chaining them the ground. Twilight ran for the entrances. Silas pressed the door's butten. The door closed shut. They pressed against the door. This is the only place between the outside and here Jetfuel said. Back at the Search Patrol. i'm going to go check on Shockwave and Takedown. Knockout turned around in his car mode. What!!!! Knockout yelled. what's wrong Knockout Soundwave and Breakdown asked. There missing Knockout yelled. Soundwave stoped in midflight hovering. What where they go Soundwave yelled. Breakdown transformerd into robot mode. What are you sure Breakdown asked. Knockout transformed into robot,Yes i'm sure Knockout yelled. Takedown where are you What state are we in Breakdown asked. the sigh say Washington Knockout said. What state are they in Breakdown yelled. How do i know Knockout yelled. Dont yell at me Breakdown yelled. I can yell at you if i want Knockout yelled. My only son is missing skye would of been angry of me if she was still alive Breakdown yelled. Is it my fault your scare of your wife Knockout yelled. I'm!!!!!!!. All sudden Soundwave cuts in Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found there Soundwaves follow me Soundwave yelled. They turned around and came from Motana. Dude I can't believe you guys are going faster than me Knockout said. You wouldn't understand Breakdown said. What do you mean wouldn't understand Knockout asked. You dont have children you dont understand losing one like Soundwave does Breakdown said. It's like riping your spark and crushing it Soundwave. What are you saying Knockout said. Soundwave lost a kid to a autobot it was only 6 years old Breakdown said. Soundwave went to the entrances. Soundwave bust his hand thought the metal riping the door off. Dad Shockwave yelled as he ran to Soundwave. Twilight ran out doors along with jetfuel,wheatley and takedown. Breakdown grabed takedown,What were you thinking could of got killed Breakdown yelled. Breakdown looked at Silas,You trying to hurt my son your not going to hurt my son like you hurt me Breakdown yelled. Silas Ran out off the way and escaped. They took them back to the warship here Megatron. Megatron smiled and huged twilight and Jetfuel you guys are ok Megatron yelled. Airachnid smiled,What wheres Stealfire Airachnid asked. We didn't see him went humans Captures us Twilight said. Megatron eye's widen,What my own children capture by Humans his is dishonor to me!!!!!!!! to the decepticons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Megatron yelled at them. Airachnid kissed Megatron,Clam down clam down Megatron Airachnid said. Stealfire walked into Airachnid, MOMMY Stealfire yelled. Airachnid picked Stealfire up there you are where were you Airachnid asked. In Knockout's medience cabinet Stealfire said. What I HAVE KNOCKOUT YELLED Knockout ran to his Medience Cabinet and opened it Oh my All spark he didn't Knockout said. What Megatron and Airachnid asked. He ATE MY CANDY BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 6Edit

Man your fat Megatron said. What did you say Airachnid yelled. No-no-no i mean't by Stealfire Megatron said. Airachnid kissed Megatron's cheek. Jetfuel yawned,I'm going to crush abanded Barns Jetfuel yawned. Can i come Twilight yelled. No your not Twilight Megatron said. But Why Twilight asked. You might get capture by humans again and maybe that same person you can't go without One of us Megatron said. Twilight sighed, Whatever she said. I will come with them Airachnid said. Thanks mom Twilight thanked Airachnid. Can i come with you guys Shockwave yelled. Soundwave blocked Shockwave with his hand, Soundwave shook his head "no". Shockwave crossed his arms,And walked away. Can i come Takedown asked. Breakdown grabed Takedown,No you almost died I can't lose you Breakdown said. A girl walked by. Shockwave ran up to her,Hey what's your name Shockwave asked. I'm Stream Stream said. I'm Shockwave i'm 19 Shockwave said. I'm 19 too,Are you flirting with me I can't see it in your face Stream asked. Does this give you a awnser Shockwave asked. A I HEART You appeared on his screen. Your face i love you on it Stream said. Soundwave walked down the hall, Soundwave stoped to see Shockwave kissing Streamer. Soundwave walked behind Shockwave, taped on Shockwave's shoulder, One minture Jetfuel i'm making out with my girlfriend Shockwave said. Soundwave taped on Shockwave's shoulder again. JETFUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAID I'M BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shockwave yelled. Jetfuel walked by,Hey Shockwave Jetfuel said. What then who's behind? Shockwave said. Shockwave turn, Oh Hey Shockwave said. Soundwave noded this head no and pushed Shockwave aside, Soundwave pulled his gun to Stream's stomach and shot her. Stream droped dead. NOOOOOOOO cried Shockwave as he droped to his knees crying, Stream!!!!!!!! Shockwave was crying. Soundwave put his hand on Shockwave's shoulder. I didn't want you to get in a long relationship and her end up dying with you having to raise a kid by your self Soundwave said. i'm looking out for you. Next time dont look after me Shockwave said. Shockwave picked Stream's body up and took her to see Knockout. Knockout was about to have a dinner with Moonlight. Knockout you in here Shockwave called. Knockout sighed, What is it i'm little busy about to have dinner with Moonlight Knockout said. Shockwave showed him Stream, Can you save her Shockwave said. I will see but not right now i'm going to have dinner with Moonlight he said. No Knockout save her first Moonlight said. Knockout checked out Stream, She's fine Knockout said. A week later. Stream came to Shockwave. Hey Shockwave he said. Hey would you like to come over for dinner Shockwave asked. Sure Stream said. The night came. Shockwave came to Stream's dorm to pick her up. Well this is my dorm Shockwave said. Shockwave opened the door, Come in he said. Stream waved to Soundwave. Hello she said. Soundwave looked at her,and then turned away. Stream come sit at the table. So how long have you guys be dating Soundwave asked. A week Shockwave asked. So Wheres the wife Stream asked. Soundwave slamed his hands on to the table and sprung up,I have to go Soundwave Snaped. Soundwave walked out the door. What's wrong with him Stream asked. My mom died when i just 3 weeks old Shockwave said. The dinner was over and Shockwave took Stream home.

Chapter 7Edit

kissed Airachnid, We got a new decepticon Megatron said he kissed Airachnid. Oh who is the new guy Megatron Airachnid Asked. His name is El Tigra Megatron. Airachnid walked by the door to great El Tigra while Megatron sat in his chair. The door opened and a shiny silver decepticon wioth black black fire paint on the side. You must be El Tigra Airachnid said. Yes-El Tigra's eyes widen, Well your hot El tigra flirted with Airachnid. El Tigra grabed Airachnid's hand and kissed it,He started to kiss up her arm and then her neck, and then check and finally her lips. Megatron Got up, and threw El Tigra against the wall. Dont be kissing my wife's lip only i have a full acess to her lips Megatron said. Hey why dont you let Airachnid decide who she wants El Tigra said. Airachnid giggled. Megatron looked at Airachnid showing his teeth,Yes Airachnid lets hear what you have to say Megatron said. Airachnid walked to El Tigra, and put her figer under his chin,Cute kissing a girl that you first mean't and dont even knew weak that tells me you can't get a girlfriend and besides i'm Megatron's girl and will allways be Airachnid said. El Tigra slowed his teeth and growled,Fine El Tigra said. Besides me and Megatron already had children Airachnid said. How much El Tigra asked. Three Airachnid anwsered. Well be that way I will get you someday you will be mine i spit on Megatron and your children El Tigra said into Airachnid's ear. El Tigra can you watch are Children while be and Airachnid go to the movies there not aloud to leave the Warship ever since this human nearly killed them Megatron said. As he took Airachnid off the Warship. Dont worry i will take go care of them El Tigra said to himself. as he did a Evil Laugh. El Tigra walked into Megatron's living room. There Stealfire,Twilight Jetfuel,Shockwave,and Takedown watching tv. I didn't know they had Five Children Airachnid must of forgot the two El Tigra thought to himself. El Tigra through Knockout gas into the living room. They woke up to find themself in a large cave. "Back at the Warship" Breakdown was sleeping. In his dream a large light blue Female robot came to him. Skye is that you he said. Yes i came to tell you are, Breakdown cut Skye off, Baby i missed you Breakdown grabed Skye's hand and kissed her. I was pregant with your second Child when i died she said. Breakdown stoped what he said. We can't be together no Breakdown i found a new man he said. Makeshift came out of the darkness. I'm with Makeshift now Skye said. But hes dead Breakdown said. Ya but i'm dead too Skye i need ghost husband and we had a child it's a boy we named him Rocket Skye said. What this can't be Breakdown said. You need to quit living in the past skye said. But this isn't what i sumened you to tell you Skye said. No dont tell me i dont want to listen to you i been listen to you nag for 6 years and i'm tried of it Breakdown said. I'm going to tell you Skye yelled. that's so you, you can't take a no for a awnser I hope Takedown doesn't be like you you Breakdown said' It's about Takedown Skye said. What is it Did something happen Breakdown said. Hes been kidnap by some who wants a ransome Skye said. What do they want Breakdown asked. Nothing from you it's from Megatron they want Skye asked, Just give this to Megatron that Twilight,Jetfuel,and Stealfire were kidnaped too Skye said. Ok i will wake up and tell them Breakdown said. Wait she yelled. Breakdown woke to fast.

Chapter 8Edit

Megatron and Airachnid walked into the warship, Lord Megatron Twilight,Jetfuel and Stealfire just got kidnapped. El Tigra!!!!!!!! she yelled. You always belame it on the new guy Airachnid Megatron said. I dont not name once i did Airachnid said. Remeber when your Donuts with missing and you belamed it on Knockout because he was new Megatron said. Ya i still think it was him Airachnid said. Well it was actually me Megatron said. What you ate my dounuts Airachnid yelled. Someone is halling us Lord Megatron breakdown said. Megatron turned on the montor. A dark shadow was there and glowing red eyes appeared in the Shadows. Megatron if you ever want to see your kids again bring your top decepticons too the Dark large cave in Kandas and bring wife with you the voice said. Megatron, Knockout, Breakdown, and soundwave came to the cave. El Tigra was there, Megatron you ready for the trade El Tigra said. What do you want i will get it for you Megatron said. You fool you already brong it to me El Tigra said. What do you mean Megatron said. A light shined on to Airachnid, Airachnid's what i want i want her to be my wife and me and Airachnid will have children El Tigra yelled. Ya i wouldn't love your children like i love my natural ones Airachnid yelled. Megatron can do Airachnid's mine Megatron yelled. Ok then a light shined on the children. i will drop them in a cage wit scraplets and you can watch them get eaten alive by them El Tigra laughed. El Tigra spited on Twilight and jetfuel. Let my little Takedown go Breakdown yelled. Oh i must of stole yours which is it El Tigra asked. The eating on the Toquitos said breakdown. What have i said about eating Toquitos Breakdown said. Toquitos It goes in one end and explodes out of the other Takedown said. Look what I can do Shockwave yelled as he started to dance. Soundwave walked behind El Tigra and knocked him in the scraplets and then shut the door. Good job Soundwave. They went home to the warship. Megatron and Airachnid and Jetfuel Twilight and Stealfire with into the dorm and found Wheatley watching tv. What are you doing here get the the miner dorm Wheatley Megatron yelled. I just got kicked out and now the dorm is locked for the night Wheatley said. Megatron you can sleep here for the night in Jetfuel and Stealfire's room not Twilight's room you got that if i find you there i will kill you Gotta that Megatron yelled. 

Chapter 9Edit

Megatron walked into Jetfire and Stealfire's room, Wheatley was sleeping on the floor. Twilight was watching tv. Wheatley walked in the living room. Twilight where were you yesterday Wheatley asked. I was kidnaped by a cheesey wanna be along with Shockwave takedown and stealfire and jetfuel Twilgiht replied. Where were you. Oh i was fighting against the autobots Wheatley said. How did it go tell me honey Twilight asked. Well it was 30 of us against Arcee Starscream and Bulkhead, 15 out of the 30 were Elites, including Jackie, I manage to Escape with my life i was one of the 3 to Escape living 1 escape with a arm missing Wheatley said. You know Starscream was my second in command until he went roudge and then joined the Autobots Megatron said as he passed by. Can i go on a mission with Shockwave and Takedown Jetfuel said. I dont know Megatron said. I need prantice if i going to be strong Jetfuel said. can I join too Twilight asked. Oh ALL SPARK NO your not going on a mission Twilight Megatron yelled. PLEASE PLEASE twilight begged. Airachnid kissed Megatron,Come on let her how does it feel to be cooped up in the Warship all day Airachnid SAID. Megatron sighed, Ok Wheatley you Come with and Wheatley go get Breakdown he should come on monter there Work Megatron said. Few hours later in a abanded city in Norway. Bulkhead and Starscream come. Aw guess like Megatron couldn't find anyone Better to battle Starscream joked. Shut it Twilight yelled. Wheatley grabed Twilight's arms,Ok you know your attacks Wheatley asked. Kinda Twilight said. Twilight pushed Wheatley to the side,And smirked. Twilight feeling scared, raised her hand up and blasted Starscream from her hand,The blast smashed into Starscream as it exploded into a web wraping him in it. Jetfuel ran from the Darkness with his hand transformed into a blade,He jumped on Bulkhead, Stab the blade into Bulkhead. Bulkhead riped Jetfuel from his side,Takedown transformed into car mode as he drove ready smash into Bulkhead. Bulkhead threw Jetfuel into Takedown,But Takedown dodged Jetfuel and ramed into Bulkhead. Takedown transformed in robot mode,and Punched Bulkhead. Bulkhead grabed Takedown. Takedown shot Bulkhead in the face,Bulkhead threw Takedown in Jetfuel. Shockwave blasted Bulkhead into Starscream. With the web on Starscream got attached to Bulkhead,so they were stuck together. Twilight smirked. Bulkhead called in for help. a space bridge appeared, Arcee and Optimus came. Starscream you got defected by young now experinced Cons Arcee said. They girl who's your parents Arcee asked. My mom is Airachnid and my dad is Megatron that are my brother jetfuel and other brother Stealfire is at the warship Twilight anwsered. Whos your parents Arcee asked. My dad is Breakdown and my mom is dead and her name was Skye Takedown anwsered. and who's your Arcee asked. My mom name is neubela and my dad name is Soundwave Shockwave asked. Who's your trooper Arcee asked. My mom is Gwen amd dad's name is leon Wheatley said. Twilight blasted Arcee's hand to the ground,it's Stuck Arcee said. You should go home little ones Optimus said,I dont want to fight you. Jetfuel blasted Optimus in the face,We are cons we dont leave from a battle Jetfuel Snaped showing his teeth. Twilight steped by, I think we should i think we shoulded are self strong enough already Twilight said. Wheatley steped by, me too Wheatley said. Shockwave and Takedown, also Backed down. Jetfuel looked at them,Cowards Jetfuel snapped. go ahead and die you couldn't even defence yourself again the human that capture us what do you think your going to win again the autobots Twilight siad. I dont Back down Jetfuel said. You win never be leader of the decepticons you will lead them into bitter Defect a true leader will back down when he knows he has no chance of winning Twilight said. Jetfuel snapped fine. They left the battlefeild. This isn't over Jetfuel snapped as he left in the space bridge. I can't believe Megatron and Airachnid had children, I thought Megatron wasn't her tpye Arcee siad. Probably only wanted him for his power Bulkhead said. They got to the Warship. Megatron walked to them,I was watching the battle Weakling backing down like that Megatron snapped. Airachnid smiled Jetfuel Twilight you were great you did your best Airachnid siad. It was horriable Megatron yelled. No it wasn't you think on winning too much not caring about the effert they put in to it it's there first Mission there first time ever battling Airachnid said. I guess your right Airachnid you guys did good Megatron said. Wheatley kissed Twilight,Are wedding is tomarrow just so you know Wheatley said to Twilight.

Chapter 10Edit

Twilight got a dress up, How does it look Cloud Twilight asked. Cloud smiled,It looks awsome Cloud smiled. So Cloud who's your crush Twilight asked. It's Jetfuel Cloud anwsered. Ew gross Twilight said. What Cloud said. That's my brother Cloud Twilight snapped. What really well i do like Takedown too Cloud said. Airachnid came in,Twilight you in here Airachnid called. Yes Twilight anwsered. you must get ready Airachnid said. I got a Dress up Twilight said. No-no-no-no a Pink dress Get that off and put a white dress up Airachnid yelled. What but-this is the only dress they had Twilight yelled. No mean to come between the argeement i will get you a white dress while you get the flowers Cloud said. Thank you Cloud Twilight said. I'm going to be right back Airachnid said. Airachnid went to go check on Megatron. Megatron how are you doing Airachnid asked. Megatron growled at Airachnid, I Can't believe you made me wear a tux Megatron sighed un amusedly. You look fine Airachnid said. as she kissed Megatron. Wheatley knocked on,Megatron's dorm. Come in Airachnid called. Wheatley rushed in,I need your help Wheatley yelled. What is it Airachnid asked,You wanna make this a causal Wedding Megatron said,Acutally hoping that's what he was about to say. No Wheatley said. Darn it Megatron yelled. I can't tie my bow tie Wheatley said. Airachnid walked up to Wheatley,And tied it for him. Thanks Airachnid Wheatley yelled as he ran out the door. The wedding was starting. Twilight will you take Wheatley as your husband Breakdown asked. I do Twilight replied. Wheatley will you take Twilight as your wife Breakdown asked. I do Wheatley replied. Does anyone think they shouldn't marry Breakdown yelled. Megatron raised his hand. PUT YOUR HAND DOWN Airachnid yelled at Megatron. Megatron sighed. Jackie raised his hand. Jackie Breakdown said. Wheatley growled at Jackie. They shouldn't get married, It's been a rule that Troopers and Higher class couldn't marry or fall in love ,then All of sudden This rule is broken and your going to let it slide, Jackie yelled. Megatron got up,He right Megatron yelled. All of sudden all the Troopers got up and yelled,He's right. Whealtey felt sick to his stomache. Twilight going to be tooken away from Wheatley thought to himself. The Troopers charged at Whealtey,Death they yelled. Wheatley shot some of the troopers, but they were to many. Megatron got up,and pointed his gun at Wheatley trying to get a good aim at him. Airachnid grabed Megatron's hand making Megatron's aim go off. The blast some troopers. Stop Megatron Airachnid yelled. Twilight and Wheatley blasted the Troopers back,They were too many. Megatron pushed Airachnid aside,No more Airachnid i'm tried of you trying to control me i'm leader not you Megatron yelled. Airachnid ran off, and grab Wheatley and Twilight,Come on Airachnid yelled. As she ran into Knockout's dorm. Knockout and Moonlight were kissing. Do you mind Knockout yelled. Do open the door Airachnid yelled. Not even for Megatron.Why Knockout asked. Hes gone crazy Airachnid yelled. Megatron banged on the door. Airachnid Open the door Megatron yelled. No not until you calm down Airachnid yelled. I'm going to kill Wheatley and that's final Megatron yelled. You sparkless Airachnid yelled. Megatron blasted the door. Wheatley felt scared as ever. Twilight kissed Wheatley,I'm going to Miss you Twilight cried. When I die Kill Jackie for me he started his Wheatley said. Your not going to die Airachnid snapped. Well you need to learn to Control Megatron Wheatley yelled. Shut it I just saved your life Airachnid yelled. Megatron broke in. Airachnid grabed Megatron's hands,No Megatron dont Airachnid yelled. Airachnid kissed Megatron trying to Calm him down. Megatron pushed Airachnid to the side. Airachnid blasted spiter webbing on Megatron's hand. Megatron hands were stuck together. Megatron please dont Airachnid said.

Chapter 11Edit

Jackie is just using you Megatron Wheatley yelled,trying to talk some sence into Megatron. What do you mean Megatron yelled. He trying to get you to kill me in revenge for What happened last time when i defected him in battle Wheatley yelled. Airachnid put her hand on Megatron's shoulder and tried to press her lips again Megatron's mouth,but a 1 inch away from Megatron's mouth,She changed her Megatron and lifted her head away. Megatron felt a strange Feeling in his spark,Feeling grief. Fine Megatron said.Besides you guys already married. Wheatley got up, Thank you Megatron Wheatley thanked. Airachnid huged Wheatley.You guys what your own Dorm now Airachnid asked. Sure Twilight said. Wait Wheatley I don't want any Grandchildren Got that Megatron snapped. Dont worry you won't Megatron Wheatley and Twilight said. Megatron I want Grandchildren Airachnid said. Well you ain't geting any Megatron yelled. Megatron turn the speaker on,Dont harm Wheatley,Hes family to me Megatron yelled.