My friend Dirpy and I are making a spin-off -- well, it's like a spin-off -- of Invader Zim, and I was wondering if anyone wants one of their OCs to appear in the show. Any OC works, just let me or Dirpy know who. Use the comments! We can't make an actual cartoon, since we don't have a YouTube account, but we can draw some pics!

Oh, I almost forgot! You don't know the plot! (Hey, that rhymed.)

Eh, so basically, it starts on the day after Zim died. (Dib killed him.) And then a child called Arnold comes into Skool, moves into Zim's house, sits in Zim's desk, and makes friends with Keef, Dib, and other people. And here's where the fun part comes in: He has the same hair and eyes as Zim. His shirt is like Keef's, except the picture is a Voot Cruiser with three starts around it, and he has black pants and red and white sneakers. He has no idea, but his spirit is Zim's. While he's dreaming, he is Zim, Zim's personality, is an Irken, ect. And sometimes he flashes into Zim for five seconds from the words: "Urchin, irk, grrr, doom, taco, pizza, smoothy, waffles, invader, plunger, tallest, defect, pack." He has a pet bug, a geen beetle about the size of Dib's foot named Bagsley.

The setting is the same as IZ. This spin-off (if youcall it that) is called Invader Arnold.

Making Arnold released massive amounts of irony into the atmosphere. Irony isn't matter! But yes, his creation did have alot of irony.

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