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Name: Zaustin Iandy Mewton

Gender: Male

Age: 12 or higher

Height: Same as Scarlet

Species: Human

Birthday: something, something, 19/20something

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Love Intrest(s): Wait till later.

Most Likely To Say: "I think it's...pretty good."

Least Likely To Say: "Aliens don't exist! Dib's crazy!"

Zaustin is a character for the show Invader Zim, and additional miscellaneous purposes, created by Invader Scipy and Derpyandgirarecute101.


Zaustin works as a scientist for Professor Membrane, in the Inver Zim purposes, and studies video games (mostly Super Mario games) and uses particle transporters  to study them further. He always works as a scientist. He has no siblings, or they weren't created yet. Like Scipy, he is a dimension traveler. He uses machines built from actual parts rather than imagination dust, used in the home dimension of him and Scipy to power the transport. Unlike Dirpy, his voice and personality are changed. Dirpy exists on his own. 


Zaustin has black hair that falls to the top of his square glasses. He wears a lab coat and underneath is a uniform like Tak's, only gray and black and shorter, to a length of a long shirt. He wears dark gray leggings and black boots. The toes of his boots are dark green with holes in them that are supposed to be there. He has brown, square eyes. Sometimes, he wears a black cape.


  • He was based off of Dirpy. They have a similar appearance, and Dirpy's initails are ARN, the opposite letters of Zim. We switched the initials (and the last and middle name with different names, but we kept the last two initails as RN when we chaged the names, so that we could still switch from ARN to ZIM).
  • Zaustin was used in a comic that I can't show you due to...technical difficulties.